At Brighton International School we are guided by 5 core values;


These values apply to our entire learning family, which includes all members of staff, our students, their parents/legal guardians and other friends and relatives who actively participate in our school community.


Mutual Respect

Each individual has the right to be treated in the same way as they would like others to treat them. We are polite and civil with each other at all times and respect that others may have different opinions or views. We expect the same of our students and parents, and a mutually respectful atmosphere will be maintained at all times.



Each individual accepts responsibility for their actions. This includes the children and staff. Everybody makes mistakes at some time or another – we only grow by owning and learning from our mistakes.


Open Communication

This has two categories; in the words of Dr. Seuss, “a person’s a person, no matter how small” meaning everybody has a voice. We encourage the children and staff to express their needs, opinions and ideas to foster a truly holistic environment. Nobody is too important to listen to the voice of another. The second category covers the way we communicate as a learning family, this includes each child, parent and member of staff. We are open and transparent in our communication and keep parents updated on the progress of their child using teacher-parent communication and portfolios containing each child’s work.



We strive to give your child the best possible education using tried and tested teaching methodologies complemented by internationally approved resources. Students are encouraged to develop an interest in everything they do and to take pride in their work. Regular reflection is an integral part to our quality control which further helps the school maintain the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, the National Curriculum (as defined by Ofsted – the UK’s Office for Standards in Education) and the approved delivery of The Jolly Phonics programme.


This is why we opened Brighton. The craft of education is not just about teaching children, it is about fostering a love of learning, creating a feeling of wonderment towards the world in which we live in and a desire to explore and experiment beyond experiences gained in school. We are passionate about fostering eager, confident and curious learners who do not fear making mistakes and whom are excited to learn from new experiences.