At Brighton International School Cambodia we are committed to the implementation of our vision, mission and philosophy.


To provide and equip our students with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitude required to become outstanding global citizens through the empowerment of education.


To nurture and develop our children in our local context while fostering an understanding of regional and international cultures and customs while adhering to the UK National Curriculum.


Here at Brighton International School we believe that every child is a unique individual who deserves a safe, caring and nurturing environment in which to grow emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. It is our desire as an institution to help the students achieve their full potential by creating an environment conducive to learning which promotes the sharing of ideas, caters and encourages self-discovery and fun while supporting a holistic programme geared towards achieving a well-rounded learner.


At Brighton International School Cambodia we are guided by the following 5 core values. These values apply to all of our learning family, i.e. members of staff, all children and all parents:

Mutual Respect

Each individual has the right to be treated in the same way as they would like others to treat them. We are polite and civil with each other at all times and respect that others may have different opinions or views. We expect the same of our students and parents, and a mutually respectful atmosphere will be maintained at all times.


Each individual accepts responsibility for their actions. This includes the children and staff. Everybody makes mistakes at some time or another - we only grow by owning and learning from our mistakes.

Open Communication

This has two categories; in the words of Dr. Seuss, “a person’s a person, no matter how small” meaning everybody has a voice. We encourage the children and staff to express their needs, opinions and ideas in an appropriate manner to the person who may benefit from listening. Nobody is too important to listen to the voice of another. The second category covers the way we communicate as a learning family, this includes each child, parent and member of staff. We are open and transparent in our communication and keep parents updated on the progress of their child using teacher-parent communication and portfolios containing each child’s work.


This is what we strive for. We strive to give your child the best possible education using tried and tested teaching methodologies, child-safe and appropriate resources. The teachers encourage the children to take pride in their work. Quality control is an on-going internal review ensuring the school is in line with the legal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework as defined by Ofsted – the UK’s Office for Standards in Education.


This is what we have for our job. The craft of education is not just about teaching children, it is about fostering a love of learning in the child, a feeling of wonderment towards the world in which we live and a desire to explore and experiment beyond their experiences in school. We are passionate about creating active learners from a young age, confident and curious children who do not fear making mistakes and are eager to learn from new experiences.


Brighton International School facilitates learning through the use of the UK curriculum for young learners (Early Years Foundation System: EYFS) which involves benchmarking against international standards through: “The maintenance of a student portfolio mapping the learning of each student in all areas according to the specifications of Ofsted” ( On-going formative assessment is at the heart of our Early Year's processes enabling us to support children’s learning and development by closely matching what we provide to a child’s current needs. This is facilitated through Observation, Assessment and Planning.

The EYFS curriculum focuses on the following areas of Learning and Development:


  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development


  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts


  • Playing and Exploring (Engagement)
  • Active Learning (Motivation)
  • Creating and Thinking Critically (Thinking)

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