Below please find a list of free apps we have compiled which are educational and fun. We have created this list to save parents and guardians time in choosing Apps and so that your children may practice skills at home during the mandatory COVID-19 closure.

The Apps have been tried by our teachers and can supplement our student’s practice of certain skills but be aware that the selected Apps are free to download/use and so may request payment(s) to access the more advanced features or to remove the adverts. Brighton International School is in no way affiliated with these companies.

You DO NOT have to buy or use any of these Apps if you do not wish. Please also ensure you have taken the necessary precautions with your Payment Settings and Parental Controls.

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Finally, try to balance your child’s time in front of a screen with other activities such as playing, reading, eating (with no phone or tablet) and helping with household chores.  Use the tablet, phone or laptop as a reward for helping or completing work. 

It should be a priority for your child to finish a task before they are allowed on an electronic device. 

Apps to use at home. 

Try to encourage your child to do one activity/ letter/ number per day from each app depending on their level of interest and engagement. 

The basic features of all these apps are free, if you wish you can buy the additional features but it is not necessary. 


Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten

Bird Math- Learning Numbers and basic arithmetic.

Shubi Learning – Various interesting educational games. 

Jolly Phonics – Practice letter sounds, recognition and songs

123 Numbers Count & Tracing – great for young learners to become familiar with numbers.

ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics – Helps your child recognise a letters, sound and shape.

Preschool Learning – Various learning games for math and letters and spelling. Also teaches children to tell the time and about money.

Kids Math – Review all the numbers 1 to 20 ask them to practice writing the numbers as well and recognise the animals.

Year 1 and Year 2

Students should review all the letters, spelling and sounds in the apps. Parents you can help by asking your children about the words and where they can find the item or what the word means. Ask them to read it out loud and say the words. 

Swing and slide ABC and phonics. Let your children play this game as a reward after completing the daily worksheet. 

Math Games – Goes over basic arithmetic and can help the children master mental arithmetic.

Kids Spelling Learning – Spelling app separated into themes. Great for pronunciation, vocabulary and spelling. 

Parents, you can help by challenging your children, asking them what the word means, time them and see how many they can do in 1 minute. 

Year 3, 4 and 5

SplashLearn- Choose your appropriate age group and learn and test your knowledge with the different and interesting math activities.

If you have a laptop or computer with a keyboard you may also try Typing Tutor. Click the student login and sign in to your own account. Parents, our students in year 3, 4 and 5 have already been given accounts and passwords. If they have forgotten please send us a message and we will reset it for them.