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Thank you for visiting our website and taking one of the many steps towards getting to know us at Brighton International School.

BIS started in 2015 with the aim of providing a holistic, fun-filled, child-centered, international education contextualised within our local and regional settings. Our faculty and staff constantly strive to deliver a quality education designed to facilitate and foster; individualised learning, developmental and social needs. We take pride in having created an environment that encourages and promotes the growth of engaged and confident learners with a mind to explore the unknown.

We believe in our students’ capability to achieve and be productive members of our society. With the goal of nurturing happy and productive citizens, we endeavour to instill and nurture tolerance, resilience, respect, love and a sense of community among our students and parents.

For the past years we have seen pivotal success in our students’ academic performances, particularly in achieving higher levels of English communication. As such, we pride ourselves in providing an intensive phonics programme aimed at improving our student’s reading and spelling abilities.

It is our goal as educators to provide a strong educational foundation from an early age to ensure consistent academic growth.  Of course, none of this would be possible without the efforts of our hardworking and passionate faculty and the regular participation from the parents/guardians who not only proactively liaise with the school, but ensure improved retention by providing further home reinforcement.

We are grateful to the parents for continually trusting us and for being supportive in Brighton’s endeavours. By maintaining constructive communication, we are able to help our students  achieve and take greater leaps in their academics. May we continue to work hand-in hand in cultivating greater minds as we prepare our students to become happy, productive and pivotal members of society.

I wish you all the best and I hope that this website is able to provide you with an adequate glimpse as to what Brighton International School has to offer. Please feel free to drop by our office anytime during working hours (Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm) or get in touch should you have any queries.

I look forward to meeting you,

Lorene Krista Sian
Principal | Brighton International School, Phnom Penh